Spill Kits


SPC® 55 Gallon Drum Spill Kit - Universal

55 gallon spill kits are essential in any facility. Keep them near entrances and exits for emergency deployment to prevent facility spills from entering the environment. Lever locked 55 gallon drum meets UN specifications and is ideal for medium spills. Absorbs up to 38 gallons. Available in universal, oil only, and chemical kits. Contents: 50 pads 15 x 19, 4 SOCs 3" x 12', 8 pillows 17 x 19, goggles, nitrile gloves, 5 disposal bags, emergency response handbook.

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SPC® Attack Pac Spill Kit

Space saving, single use kit, packed in puncture and UV resistant foil bag (includes grommet for hanging). Absorbs up to 7 gallons per kit.

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SPC® Small Spill Universal Economy Spill Kit™

This highly visible yellow PVC bag is "just right" for small spills. Absorbs up to 5 gallons. Contains 10 pads, 15" x 19", 2 SOCs, 3" x 4'. Also contains nitrile gloves, 1 disposal bag. Instruction sheet included also.

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