Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Zep® Advantage+™ Portable Dispenser

Perfect for small spaces or in locations where janitor's closet is not available. Water supply must be available to use dispenser. Diluted product will dispenser at rate of 2.5 GPM. Backflow preventer.

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Flo-Master® 1961VI Commercial Cleaners Sprayer - 3 Gal.

These sprayers were designed to apply commercial cleaners (including solvent based), degreasers, oils, stain removers and waterproofers. Pressure relief valve. Viton® seals for chemical-resistance. Reinforced hose. Brass flow control with lock-on feature. Brass wand with brass flat-fan patterned nozzle. Carrying strap on 1962VI and 1963VI. Available in 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 3 gallon capacities.

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Flo-Master® 1970 Series Tank Sprayers

These sprayers feature a white, translucent HDPE tank so it's easy to see the fill level. They have economical Buna seals, and a poly flow control, wand and nozzle. Adjustable spray pattern. Funnel top. Reinforced hose. Suggested applications are herbicides, pesticides, and cleansers.

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Flo-Master® Acid-Resistant Sprayer - 2 Gal.

This sprayer is designed to apply acid-based chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, cleansers and maintenance solutions. Poly flow control with lock-on feature. Reinforced hose. Poly wand with brass flat-fan patterned nozzle.

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Tolco® Pro-Blend™ Bottle Proportioners

Easy-to-Use. It's as simple as turn, squeeze, pour. Instantly measures from 1/4 oz. up to 3 oz. of liquid. Reduces product waste and eliminates the need for costly proportioning systems. Measures cleaning concentrates for dilution (sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.) Use with thin, flowing products only. Not resistant to chlorine bleach. 3 oz volume.

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