Carpet Defoamer


Multi-Clean® Silicone-Based Defoamer/Anti-Foam - Gal.

Formulated to effectively control foam generated during carpet extraction cleaning. Do not add defoamer to solution tank or directly to carpet. pH: 6-8. Milky white, slightly viscous liquid, mild odor. Use 2 oz in 1/2 gallon of warm water per recovery tank.

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Misty® EDF-3 Carpet Cleaner Defoamer - Gal.

Concentrated defoaming agent. A silicone anti-foam emulsion that will control foam in all types of aqueous systems. Non-flammable.

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Franklin T.E.T. #18 Defoamer - 16 oz.

Eliminates foam in extraction equipment recovery tanks caused by excess shampoo residue. Recommended Dilution: 1 oz. per 8 gallon recovery tank. No fragrance, white emulsion.

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