Carpet Extraction Cleaner


Extraction Rug Shampoo

A fast working, low sudsing cleaner for use in automatic carpet scrubbers and self-contained "box type" carpet extraction equipment. Also works fine in rental machines. For best results, use Needels Pretreat in traffic lanes as a pre-spray and defoamer in recovery tank to prevent excessive foaming caused by residue left from previous cleaning. Can be used on all carpets except cotton.

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Franklin LB #21 Answer™ Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

Available in Lightning Blend packaging. This complete carpet cleaner can be used in 4 ways; as a spotter, a prespray, a spin clean & an extraction cleaner. Fresh apple fragrance, light straw color. Biodegradable, low foaming, neutral pH.

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Franklin Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

High pH extraction cleaner, formulated for hot water extraction systems. Recommended Dilution: Normal (1:128). Use in schools, restaurants and industrial offices.

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Misty® Redi-Steam Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

A concentrated, low-foaming, carpet cleaning product for use with cold or hot water extraction machines or steam cleaning units. Green color with a pleasant fragrance. Biodegradable.

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Professional RESOLVE® Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

One product, one dilution for three cleaning uses. Carpet extraction cleaner, traffic lane cleaner and pretreatment spray. Low foaming, cleans and deodorizes. Makes up to 64 gallons (1:64).

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Zep® Lemongrass Carpet Extract - Gal.

Environmentally preferred carpet cleaner with light lemongrass fragrance. Designed for hot water extraction or bonnet method carpet cleaning. Safe on stain-resistant treated carpets. Friable surfactants dry to a powder which are easily vacuumed up leaving no residue behind. Inhibits resoiling.

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