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Minuteman® E30 ECO Disc Scrubber - 30", Quick Pack, 235 AH

Equipped with on-board charger 115V, 50/60Hz, pad driver, 235AH, 6V, battery (4 required). Also equipped with Aqua-Stop. Brush speed: 180 rpm; Brush motor: 3/4 hp. Vac motor: .60 hp. Solution tank: 19 gallon; Recovery tank: 19.5 gallon.

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Minuteman® E26 Walk Behind Scrubber - 26", TD

The E26 and E30 are disc models equipped with Aqua-stop. Squeegee with quick adjust system to quickly dry even the most challenging floors. Easy access to batteries and components. Simplified control panel. Brushes and water stop automatically when the machine comes to a stand still. Precise dosage of cleaning solution. Amount of cleaning solution released depends upon machine speed. Aqua-Stop is not available on pad drivers. Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the whole width of the machine. Working Speed: 2.3 mph.

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Minuteman® E20 Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", TD, Quick Pack

Cylindrical deck has an integrated sweeping function. On-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. Green Features include: Sound level <=70 dBs, tool free brush removal, tool free squeegee removal, one button operation. A cylindrical scrub brush system will (wet) sweep small amounts of solid debris into a removable tray while also washing the floor. You eliminated the manual pre sweeping of your factory or warehouse floor for greater productivity and fewer clogs in the squeegee section of the scrubber. Plus there is often no need for an additional separate sweeper or even a combination machine when a cylindrical machine will do the job. Cylindrical scrubber usually turn their brushes at a speed that is three times the rotation of a disk brush. They are an ideal choice for grouted tile or concrete floors that are not perfectly smooth. A compact disc brush scrubber with a 20" cleaning path. Squeegee width: 33"; Working Speed: 3.1 mph. Drive motor: 1/5 HP; Brush motor: 3/4 HP. Brush Type: Cylindrical. Onboard charger 115V, 50/60 HZ.

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Clarke® Focus II Mid Size Autoscrubbers

Provide an increased capacity, longer run times, and are easy to operate! Disc scrub deck is powered by two heavy-duty brush motors. The gimble mounted brushes and pad driver contours uneven floors for even scrubbing agitation. The cylindrical model is ideal for scrubbing grouted tile, imperfect, or rough textured floors. Debris is conveniently collected into a removable tray by the counter rotating brushes. The brushes are also easy to change out without using tools. The optional Chemical Mixing System gauges the appropriate amount of chemical and mixes it into the solution flow. The ounce per gallon setting is controlled by a knob on the control panel. Vacuum Motor Power: .75 hp, 3 stage tengential discharge.

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Clarke® Focus® II Autoscrubbers

Conventional disc models of the Focus® II are available with either 17" or 20" disc scrub decks. The 20" models may be selected with either power traction or brush assist drive. The 17" model is available with traction drive. The brush/pad driver installation and removal is made simple with an easy on/off push button control. .5 hp, 2 stage tangential discharge vacuum motor.

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Clarke® Focus® II Boost® Mid Size Autoscrubbers®

BOOST® Technology is the most efficient and green autoscrubber on the market today - the only one that can strip floors chemical-free! BOOST reduces water and chemical use up to 70% by containing the solution within the pad and by delivering a precise and consistent solution in pulses. The unique pad design also cleans into corners, reducing your manpower. Add it all up and it means huge cost and labor savings every day! The high speed agitation of Boost not only has superior cleaning performance, but also wet shines the floor to reduce burnishing requirements. Brush Motor Power/RPM: 3/4 hp/2250 RPM. Vacuum Motor Power: .75 hp, 3 stage tengential discharge.

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Clarke® Focus® II Large Walk-Behind Autoscrubber®

Features a 30 gallon solution tank with a 0.30 gpm flow rate providing 100 minutes of continuous scrubbing between dump and refills. Equipped with a 600 lb actuator, 3/4 hp motor and large non-marking turf type tires, this machine is capable of cleaning the most demanding soil loads, deep scrubbing and stripping quickly and efficiently. Choose economical wet batteries or maintenance-free AGM batteries. Choose from the durability of a shelf charger or the convenience of an onboard charger. Simple on/off palm switches and intuitive, easy-to-use controls make for minimal operator training. Scrub path: 34"; Brush size: (2) 17". Scrub motor: (2) 0.75 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp 3-stage.

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Clarke® Focus® II Rider Autoscrubber® - 34", Disc

Simple operation and increased productivity with chemical-free floor finish removal capabilities, enhances cleaning performance and protects your bottom line. Available with a 28 or 34 inch disc deck or a 28 inch BOOST® deck. Can easily clean university entryways or remove floor finish in healthcare facility hallways. A large 31 gallon tank and low-solution flow rates result in 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing without a dump and refill, while increased down pressure (up to 225 pound) allows for one pass cleaning. When your application requires diverse cleaning performance, select from three solution flow rates, fine tune solution ratios and adjust between five speed settings. Wide turning radius puts the rider at the top of its class for cleaning capacity. Increased down pressure for one pass cleaning of heavy soils.

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Clarke® Vantage 14 Micro Scrubber - 14.5", 87 AH AGM

Patented, rotating deck enables complete scrubbing in both forward and backward directions. Full battery-powered operation and onboard battery charger. Max speed: 2.5 mph; Voltage: 12V; Rated power: 450W. Brush motor: 260W; Vacuum motor: 200W. Max run time: 1.75 hours; Solution/Recovery Tank: 3 gal.

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Clarke® Vantage 17B Compact Autoscrubber® - 17", 87 AH

Combines ease-of-use and maximum productivity to deliver the highest scrubbing performance for small area cleaning applications. Compact, maneuverable design allows cleaning in areas with limited space. High capacity solution and recovery tanks provide up to two hours of cleaning. Center-pivot squeegee system ensures superior solution pickup. Simple controls and high maneuverability enable operators to use this machine with little to no training required.

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Minuteman® E17/E20 Walk Behind Scrubbers

Available in brush drive or traction drive. Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles. Small, compact design allows for cleaning even in tight spaces. Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate. Sleek design provides an excellent line of sight to the area to be cleaned. Traction drive models offer ergonomic, adjustable speed regulation with the turn of a dial. Available with Quick Pack. Also available in cord electric models in brush drive only. Squeegee width: 33". Brush Type: Disc.

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Minuteman® E24 Walk Behind Scrubber - 24", Traction Drive

A cylindrical brush deck with integrated sweeping function. The cylindrical deck is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting. Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the whole width of the machine. Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the whole width of the machine. Working Speed: 2.3 mph.

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Minuteman® E26ECO Walk-Behind Scrubber-26", TD, Quick Pack

Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles. Large tank opening for fast filling. Equipped with Aqua-Stop. Brush or pad holder: (2) 13". Squeegee width: 35.4". Drive Motor: .2 HP; Brush Motor: .75 HP (2).

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Minuteman® H26 Hospital Series Scrubbers

Designed for use in hospitals and other patient care facilities. With advanced technology, new green clean features and the revolutionary Aqua-stop; This series has been engineered to change the way you clean floors. Anti-microbial recovery tank is hygienic and easy-to-clean. Flow-optimized recovery tanks with Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. Kill claim for H Series is Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Staphyloccocus Aureus (Staph) resulting in greater than 99% bacterial reduction rate. Hospital quiet with anti-microbial recovery tank.

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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® - 12" w/Standard Poly Brush

Thoroughly cleans the toughest floors. Easily accessible and removable tanks. Low noise level at 69 db. Easy to use, one hand operation. 1 hp motor. 44" H w/handle 8" w/o handle x 17" W x 15" L. 3,770 square feet per hour cleaning capacity. 650 rpm brush speed.

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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® 14 Scrubber - 14", 115V

Available in 115V, 220V and battery. Machine cleans and recovers cleaning solution all in one pass in forward or reverse. Easy, no tool, brush removal. Quick fill and drain capability. Automatic solution/brush shutoff. Battery machine includes battery pack trolley including on-board charger. Collapsible handle for simple storage. Dual counter rotating brushes that remove heavy soil on smooth and three dimensional floors. Cleaning Capacity: 7,500 sq ft per hour Nominal. Squeegee Width: 18". Brush Speed: 780 rpm.

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