US Products Flood King Portable Flood Water Extractor-9 Gal.

Increased the efficiency of the airflow by top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, thus eliminating stand-pipes and bends into the tank. Two 3-stage vacuum motors. 13 amps. Waterlift/CFM: 100"/170 CFM.

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US Products HydraPort® 100H Dual Cord Machine Only

Ergonomic design allows for easier loading, transport, and reduces fatigue. Dual cord. Vacuum: Single 5.7", 3-stage; Vac Shutoff: Ball float. Pump: Diaphragm. Waterlift: 140"; Heat: Instant 212° F; Heater: 1750 watt.

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Minuteman® X17 Carpet Extractor - 9 Gal., 50 PSI

Single, adjustable brush runs at 1800 RPM. Large 9 or 11 gallon solution tank and 7.5 gallon recovery tank. On-board power for optional scrub wand and extraction tools. The patented CFS (Chemical Free Solution) system requires Zero chemical or disinfectants. The CFS equipped machines use Ozone to sanitize, deodorize and purify soft floors using an innovative Ozone technology that's revolutionizing the way we clean carpets. Plus models have ECO plus solution tank. Momentary and continuous spray features. Single, adjustable brush. Dump hose built into unit for convenience. Not just clean, it's green. CRI Certified. Vac motor: 2 hp 3-stage; Brush motor: 1/6 hp.

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US Products HydraPort® 100H Single Cord Machine Only

Ergonomic design allows for easier loading, transport, and reduces fatigue. Vacuum: Single 5.7", 3-stage; Vac Shutoff: Ball float. Pump: Diaphragm. Waterlift: 140"; Heat: Instant 212° F; Heater: 1750 watt.

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US Products King Cobra® 1200 PRO w/Turbo Hard Tool

The dual surface extractor has two separate systems and does the job of two separate machines in one convenient portable package. 7.2", 3-Stage Vacuum. Foot operated valve for easy priming. 50 feet of 12/3 electrical cord.

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US Products PEX™ 500 Heated Extractor Machine Only

Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the PEX easy to handle by one person. Vacuum: Dual 5.7", 3-stage; Vac shutoff: Ball float. Pump: Positive displacement adjustable 50-500 psi. Waterlift: 200"; Heater: 2000W.

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Sanitaire® Big Wheel Portable Extractor - 10 Gal.

Clean entire rooms in record time with this extractor. 10" transport wheels make it easy to get up curbs and into truck beds. Pump: 100; Water lift: 150; Hose length: 15'. Motor: 2-stage; Cord length: 50'; Power: 12 amps. Wand type: 12" single jet.

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Sanitaire® Bulter Extractor - 3 Gal.

This small, lightweight commercial extractor is easy to maneuver in small areas with tight spaces. Cleaning path: 12"; Pump: Solenoid. Water lift: 92; Motor: 2-stage; HP: 1.2. Power: 15 amps; Cord length: 40'.

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Sanitaire® Self-Contained Carpet Extractor - 9 Gal.

Walk-behind upright extractor with a floating brush and a fixed vacuum shoe provides maximum recovery and cleaning power. Pump: 100; Water lift: 120; Power: 15 amps. Brushroll: 18" Chevron brush; Motor: 3-stage; HP: 0.3. Height adjustment: yes; Cord length: 50', quick change.

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Sanitaire® Spot Clean Extractor - 1.6 Gal.

Features removable solution and recovery tanks with large easy-roll wheels. Tank capacity: 1.6 Gal.; Pump: 58; Water lift: 79. Hose length: 8'; Motor: 2-stage; Cord length: 15'. Power: 9 amps.

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Carpet Extractor| 12"" W/ Dual Vacuum Motors

Easy-fill 12-gal. detergent solution tank. “Quick-Dump“ 12-gal. recovery tank. The powerful 100 psi solution pump delivers a steady supply of extracting solution to the carpet. Dual high-velocity vacuum motors with over 160-in. of lift. Powerful water...

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Clarke® Bext® Pro Portable Extractors

Instant, continuous heating of 212° solution attacks tough carpet stains. Two pressures 100 psi and 400 psi allow for enhanced cleaning flexibility. Clam shell design allows for easy equipment access and maintenance. CRI Seal of Approval ensures a safe, sustainable cleaning solution. Waterproof control panel to protect against spills. Vac motor: 5.7", 3-stage, 12.5A, 115V/60 Hz. Waterlift: 137"; Airflow: 107 CFM. Vac shut-off: Ball float; Power cord: 25' 12/3 gauge.

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Clarke® Clean Track® L24 Carpet Extractor - 251 AH

CRI-SOA certification ensures the Clean Track extractors meet the highest standards of soil and water removal. LIFT™ (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) technology provides fast dry time for quick room turnover. Deep-cleaning restoration mode delivers high quality, thorough carpet cleaning results. Deep Treat™ single-pass, pre-spray feature ensures proper dilution and application of pre-spray chemical, minimizing chemical use and costs. Onboard detergent dispensing lets operators clean with any detergent, including those that are green certified. Provides superior cleaning capabilities to ensure your carpets are clean and ready to use fast! Solution capacity: 20 Gal.; Recovery capacity: 16 Gal. Vacuum motor: Dual 3 stage bypass; Airflow: 93 cfm. Waterlift: 70"; Brush motor: Dual 1/2 HP permanent magnet.

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Clarke® Clean Track® L18 Self Contained Extractor - 18"

CRI-SOA certification ensures that Clean Track® extractors meet the highest standards of soil and water removal. Laminar flow technology guarantees enhanced water pick-up for faster drying times and mold prevention. Single spray jet technology ensures consistent coverage without overlaps, streaking or clogging. Meets requirements for LEED certification and GS-42. Tools-free vacuum shoe and brush removal provide user-friendly maintenance and quick equipment storage. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 3 stage; Pump: 60 psi.

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Clarke® Clean Track™ 12 Carpet Extractor - 12"

Single spray jet technology delivers even, consistent flow for deep, uniform extraction and helps eliminate clogging and streaks. Green Certified Equipment. Vacuum Motor: 1.2 HP - two stage. Brush Motor: .25 HP. 25" L x 13" W x 26" H.

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Minuteman® 14" Ambassador® Jr. - w/50 PSI Pump

14" self-contained carpet extractor. The Ambassador Jr. offers quick and thorough cleanup for small applications. 34 1/2" H x 14" W x 36" L. Solution & Recovery Tanks 6 Gal. Removable recovery tank. 1 hp, 2 stage vac motor with 3 quick disconnect spray jets.

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Minuteman® Ambassador 20 Walk Behind Carpet Extractor -20"

Its Maxi-Wall™ bladder system gives it big cleaning capacity in a compact design. Outstanding maneuverability. 4 quick disconnect spray jets. 25 gallon solution and recovery tanks. 2 hp 3-stage vacuum motor. 100 cfm, 105" waterlift, 100 psi solution pump.

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Minuteman® Carpet Box Extractors

The C Box and H Box are 15 gallon carpet box extractors. These machines feature a clamshell design for simple serviceability and are constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won't dent, corrode or rust. The design also features large 12" stair climbing wheels and pull handles for easy loading. The units are available with or without a water heating system. The heated unit has a 3-position switch so you can run at 2,000 watts. The automatic ball float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor. These units are available in 100 PSI Cold, 200 PSI Hot or 500 PSI Hot and come standard with a 15 foot vacuum/solution hose and easy glide wand. The control panel features moisture resistant switches, a non-conductive operator control console and independent switches allowing individual control for the vacuum and the pump. The easy open vacuum lid features a large opening for simple clean-out of the recovery tank. Cleans up to 1500 sq ft per hour. Drain valve: 24" hose. (2) 4" diameter front wheels and (2) 12" diameter back wheels. Vac motor: 5.7", 3-stage; Waterlift: 137".

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Minuteman® ET™ Powerful Extraction Tool

Designed to enhance carpet spotting by combining a lightweight, compact, motorized powerhead with precision extraction. Motor: 100 watts, grounded; Switch: Splash proof, 2-speed. Brush speed: 1600 rpm and 2000 rpm; handle: 32". Power cable: 15' standard, STJW; Cleaning width: 3.75".

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Minuteman® X Ride 28 Carpet Extractor - 28", Quick Pack

Clean large carpeted areas quickly and efficiently while the operator rides in comfort. Quick one pass cleaning, scrubs and vacuums up water. Rated voltage: 36V; Vacuum flow: 152 CFM; Waterlift: 70". Vacuum power: (2) 36V 1 HP. Drive motor power (TD): 3/4 hp; Brush type: Cylindrical.

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