Multi Purpose Aerosol


ITW Dymon® All Purpose Foaming Cleaner - 20 oz. Aerosol

Designed to remove grease and soil unaffected by other cleaners. A high pressure spray enables it to reach trouble spots. Dissolves grease, inks, oils, dyes, carbon and dirt.

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All Purp Clnr Arsl Can Foaming 12/case

Nonabrasive, fast-acting foam cleans dirt, grime and fingerprints from nonporous surfaces. Will not damage protective finishes. 20-oz. aerosol can—19-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case.

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Misty® All Purpose Cleaner - 19 oz. Net Wt.

This nonflammable all-purpose cleaner's clinging foam allows it to remain on vertical surfaces to quickly dissolve dirt, smudges, grease & fingerprints. No chlorinated solvents or petroleum distillates. Net Wt. 19 oz., Can Size 20.

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Misty® All Purpose Cleaner

This professional strength formulation will clean and shine a wide variety of surfaces with one easy application. 360 degree valve. Net Wt. 19 oz., Can Size 20. Wintergreen fragrance.

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Misty® Aspire® Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaner - 16 oz.

Provides the high performance you would expect in a heavy duty product while still being gentle enough for use on a wide variety of hard surfaces. The fast breaking white foam clings to vertical surfaces. Net Wt. 16 oz., Can Size 20.

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