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Unger® 42" People's Paper Picker Pin

Easily remove litter such as paper, cans and plastic cups. No bending, no backaches. Lightweight and easy to use. Effective waste removal using strong metal pin.

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Unger® Nifty Nabber® Bagger

Professional ergonomic waste removal system. Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. Bagger collapses and locks and is great for compact shipping. Bottom drainage holes make rinsing out easy. Uses standard 55 gallon trash bags. Built-in handle. Size: 23" x 27", 40 gallon. Green.

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Unger® Nifty Nabber® Pro

The all-purpose grabber. For universal trash removal (cans, paper, bottles, etc.). No bending, no backaches - even out-of-reach items can be easily removed. Powerful claws grip small and oddly shaped objects.

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Unger® NiftyNabber® Trigger Grip - 32"

All-purpose grabbing tool, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Comfortable grip for smooth trigger-pull action. 360° access for hard-to-reach areas or items. Grab and hold even the smallest items - up to .25 lbs. Lightweight aluminum shaft, designed to decrease fatigue and make waist-high and overhead use easier.

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Unger® Replacement Pin Plug For People's Paper Picker Pin

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