Roll Absorbents


ENV® Medium Wt. Oil Sorbents Roll - 30" x 150'

Made with MAXX® Technology for superior absorbency and greater strength. Plus, they weigh less, which means lower disposal costs! Absorbs petroleum-based liquids and repels water. Economical single-ply construction.

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MRO Plus® Sorbents

The new standard in all purpose gray dimpled maintenance sorbents. Highly effective for clean-up and removal of oil and water-based liquids. Universal absorbency.

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Battlemat™ Camouflage Universal Heavy Wt. Roll-15" x 150'

Tough camouflage patterned roll hides leaks and drips and is ideal for areas with moderate foot traffic. Universal absorbency to handle most fluids (water, petroleum and chemical-based). Durable 2-ply construction is ideal for use in high traffic areas, foot or forklift traffic. Abrasion-resistant upper layer helps reduce linting while meltblown fibers grip the floor below.

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SPC® High Traffic Medium WT. Roll Absorbent - 30" x 300'

Multi-use maintenance absorbent built for durability and high absorbency in "high traffic" and busy problem areas. Perforated 15" and every 15". Absorbency capacity: 63 Gal. Absorbency Factor (gl/gs): 12.

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SPC® Re-Form™ Eco-Friendly Absorbent - 28.5" x 150'

Heavy weight roll. Eco-friendly general purpose absorbent with spunbond coverstock on one side to make it ideal for wiping applications and light foot traffic. Perforated 14.25" and every 19". Absorbency capacity: 62 Gal. Absorbency Factor (gl/gs): 17.

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