Multiple Surface Cleaners


Foamy Cleaner

Shower cleaner for foamer tool.

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PTE Porcelain, Tile, Enamel Cleaner

A thick formula designed for counters, skins, bathtubs, toilet bowls, drinking fountains, ceramic tile, urinals, showers, fiberglass or anywhere soap scum, scale or build-up is present. Contains phosphoric acid so it is safe on all fixtures. Deodorizes with a pleasant cherry/almond scent.

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Lysol® Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner - 24 oz., Aerosol

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Diversey Foaming Acid Restroom Cleaner- 32 oz.

A ready-to-use acid-based cleaner with powerful foaming action for fast, efficient maintenance of shower stalls, tubs, sinks, floors, walls, and toilet bowls. Also use on urinal and other similar surfaces. RTU spray bottles.

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Crew® Restroom Floor & Surface SC Disinfectant Cleaner

Non-acid. Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step. Recommended for hard, non-porous, washable surfaces in and out of the restroom. Green in color. Fresh scent.

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Diversey Emerel® Multi-Surface Crème Cleanser - 32 oz.

Acidic, mild abrasive formula for difficult stains found on common restroom surfaces. Clings to vertical surfaces. Free rinsing.

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Scrubbing Bubbles® Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner - 25 oz.

Foaming action thoroughly cleans, shines, disinfects, and deodorizes without scrubbing. Attack soap scum, hard water stains and dirt. Controls mildew. Wont scratch surfaces; leaves a brilliant shine.

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Zep® Advantage+™ Acid Bathroom & Shower Cleaner - 2 L

A fast acting cleaner for all surfaces in bathrooms and showers to remove scum, rust, scale and hard water deposits. Leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. Deodorizing.

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Zep® Advantage+™ Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner - 2 L

A Green Seal™ certified cleaner designed to clean different surfaces in the bathroom without leaving any residue behind. Deodorizes.

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Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner - 1.5 L RTD®

Removes soap scum and grime. Can be used on bathroom fixtures, tile, chrome, fiberglass, baked enamel, porcelain, vinyl and stainless steel. Super concentrate. Requires water hook-up kit 3191746 (sold separately). Makes 14 ready to use bottles.

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ITW Dymon® Asidufoam® Bathroom Cleaner - Qt.

Removes dirt, soap scum, stains caused by mildew, mold and algae, oxidation, corrosion, urine salts, light rust, lime, calcium and iron deposits. Contains no chlorine, hydrochlorine, sulfuric, phosphoric or other harmful mineral acids.

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Jelmar CLR® Pro Bath Cleaner - 32 oz.

About the only product needed to clean washrooms in hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Can be used on countertops, white grout and tile, sinks and toilets.

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KaiVac® KaiBlooey Shower/Restroom Cleaner - Gal.

Blows away all other restroom cleaners. Low foaming and contains a blend of fast-acting mild acids to de-scale mineral deposits & remove soap scum.

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KaiVac® KaiO Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner - Gal.

Combines citrus d-limonene with hydrogen peroxide to make an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, pH neutral cleaner. Safe for personnel and building surfaces.

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Lysol® Power & Free® Bathroom Cleaner - 22 oz.

Hydrogen peroxide formula is gentle yet effective. Kills 99.9% of germs when used as directed. Penetrates tough stains like soap scum. Designed with foaming trigger applicator.

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RMC Enviro Care® Washroom Cleaner RTU - Qt.

Biobased, citric acid washroom cleaner for removing soap film, body oils, and mineral buildup from any washable surface. Ready to use. Mild fragrance. pH: 4.0.

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RMC SNAP! Enviro Care® Washroom Cleaner #9 - 1/2 Gal.

Biobased, citric acid washroom cleaner for removing soap film, body oils, and mineral buildup from any washable surface. Green color with a mild fragrance. For use with SNAP! Dispenser only. Dilution: 1:80; pH: 4.0; EcoLogo™.

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Simple Green® 2 Clean Building® Bathroom Cleaner - Gal.

Concentrate is a non-toxic, biodegradable bathroom cleaner that removes soap scum and hard water stains without harsh chemicals. Green Seal™ Certified.

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Soap Scum Bathrm Clnr W/bleach 32oz Trg Spry 1

Power through soap scum and greasy soils. Whiten with the power of bleach. 32-oz. trigger spray bottle. 12 bottles per case.

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Zep Professional Nonacid Bathrm Clnr 32oz Btl 12

Non-Acid Deodorizing Toilet Bowl Cleaner Environmentally preferred formulation cleans and deodorizes without harsh oxidizers. Removes scale, stains and scum—and because it's non-acidic, it's safe to use on everything from toilet bowls to tile, sinks,...

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