Sanitary Napkins & Tampons


HOSPECO® Dual No. 1 Vendor w/25 Cent Unit

Capacity: 15 Gards® #4 boxes, and 25 Tampons.

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hygolet® Hygobag Dispenser Refill

Hygobag refills are made of blue polyethylene to provide for the discreet and tidy disposal of feminine hygiene products. 25 bags per pack, 20 packs per box.

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hygolet® Hygobag Feminine Bag Dispenser w/Lock

The wall dispenser without lock provides a safe, discreet, and hygienic way for women to dispose of sanitary products and refuse in public restrooms. Decrease odors caused by soiled sanitary products. Unit is made of a sturdy ABS plastic. White.

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Kagan Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bag

For disposal 101 and 101S.

Add to Cart $57.86/CASE

Kagan Wall Model Sanitary Napkin Disposal - White

Sanitary napkin disposal with drop through feature. Person emptying need not touch contents. Size: 11 1/4 x 8 x 4 1/2. Built-in deodorant block holder and wax bags included.

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