Clarke® Focus II Mid Size Autoscrubbers

Provide an increased capacity, longer run times, and are easy to operate! Disc scrub deck is powered by two heavy-duty brush motors. The gimble mounted brushes and pad driver contours uneven floors for even scrubbing agitation. The cylindrical model is ideal for scrubbing grouted tile, imperfect, or rough textured floors. Debris is conveniently collected into a removable tray by the counter rotating brushes. The brushes are also easy to change out without using tools. The optional Chemical Mixing System gauges the appropriate amount of chemical and mixes it into the solution flow. The ounce per gallon setting is controlled by a knob on the control panel. Vacuum Motor Power: .75 hp, 3 stage tengential discharge.


Clarke® Focus® II Mid Size 26 - 26" Disc, 250AH

26" Disc, 250AH, ea

Clarke® Focus® II Mid Size 26 -26" Disc, 312AH, Chem Mix

26" Disc, 312AH, Chemical Mixing, ea

Clarke® Focus® II Mid Size 28 - 28" Cyl., 250AH

28" Cyl., 250AH, ea

Clarke® Focus® II Mid Size 34 - 34" Disc, 250AH

34" Disc, 250AH, ea