Minuteman® H26 Hospital Series Scrubbers

Designed for use in hospitals and other patient care facilities. With advanced technology, new green clean features and the revolutionary Aqua-stop; This series has been engineered to change the way you clean floors. Anti-microbial recovery tank is hygienic and easy-to-clean. Flow-optimized recovery tanks with Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. Kill claim for H Series is Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Staphyloccocus Aureus (Staph) resulting in greater than 99% bacterial reduction rate. Hospital quiet with anti-microbial recovery tank.


Minuteman® H20 Hospital Scrubber - 20", Brush Drive

20", Brush Drive, ea

Minuteman® H20 Hospital Scrubber - 20", Traction Drive

20", Traction Drive, ea


Minuteman® H26ECO Hospital Scrubber -26", BD

26", BD, ECO, ea

Minuteman® H26 Hospital Scrubber -26", BD Quick Pack,240AH

26", BD, Quick Pack, 240 AH, ea