US Products PEX™ 500 Heated Extractor Machine Only

Item # 56113000

  • Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the PEX easy to handle by one person.
  • Vacuum: Dual 5.7", 3-stage; Vac shutoff: Ball float
  • Pump: Positive displacement adjustable 50-500 psi
  • Waterlift: 200"; Heater: 2000W
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Heat is adjustable to 212° F for carpet extraction, or 145° F for upholstery. Glycerin filled pressure gauge. A special wand caddy (wand not included) is molded into the design of the machine. A retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hose. Cord wraps hold your electrical cords. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility.


  • Dual vacuum with unrestricted airflow for superior water recovery, innovative fresh air intake for each vacuum improves vacuum life, dual 3-stage vacuum motor.
  • Heater element in-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat up to 212° F at the wand tip, lifetime warranty.
  • Low moisture system less water combined with higher heat means faster drying, less chance of shrinkage or wicking from the pad.
  • Low noise day-time-quiet operation with innovative sound deadening chamber.
  • Smart circuit locator identifies separate lines to eliminate blown circuits.
  • Tanks and bodies lightweight, rotationally molded with lifetime warranty against cracks, leaks and dents. Unique pallet design for easy maintenance.
  • CRI Certified third party tested and received the top GOLD certification for superior cleaning performance for carpet extraction.
  • 12 gallon solution tank. 10 gallon recovery tank.
  • Two handles for easy maneuverability and loading.
  • Roller handles for easy loading.
  • Upright dolly design for easy stair climbing.
  • 2 cords, each 25 foot detachable 12/3 gauge, hospital grade plugs.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Pressure relief valve.