Multi-Clean® Mastery-dL® Solvent Cleaner - Gal.

Item # 906973GAL

  • A multi-purpose solvent cleaner with the power of natural d-Limonene. It removes stubborn materials that other cleaners can not.
  • Can be applied with a mop, brush, sponge or by soaking
  • Can be diluted with water for cleaning variety of surfaces
Gal., ea
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  • Can be used to add citrus cleaning power to other degreasers. Simply add Mastery-dL to the diluted degreaser at 2 oz./gallon.
  • Dilution: Heavy soil: straight; Medium soil: 12 oz./gallon of water; light soil: 2 oz./gallon of water.
  • Can be used for stubborn carpet spots that normal spotters won't remove such as tar, asphalt, gum residues, etc. It is applied to cloth and used to blot the stain.
  • Contains emulsifiers to allow it to be rinsed off surfaces with plain water.