Multi-Clean® 950 Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Item # 910798C12

  • Contains ingredients that effectively attack toilet bowl and urinal problems. Contains acid to remove mineral scale, rust and uric acid deposits.
  • Contains a germicide to disinfectant and deodorize
  • Contains detergents that provide superior cleaning power
Qt., 12/cs
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Contains 9.5% Hydrochloric acid making the product pleasant to use and suitable for daily bowl cleaning.

  • Thickened so that it clings to the sides and under the rim of bowls and urinals.
  • The ability to adhere to vertical surfaces allows for better cleaning and disinfection of surfaces compared to water thin products.
  • Broad spectrum disinfectant. Excellent germicidal activity suitable for all restrooms including those in hospitals, nursing homes, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.
  • Effective in the presence of 5% organic serum.
  • Effective against MRSA, VRE, Salmonella choleraesius and HIV-1 (AIDS virus).
  • Safety first! Always wear gloves and eye protection. Do not mix with bleach or other cleaning chemicals. Do not use on marble, terrazzo or natural stone or on chrome fixtures as found in sinks, bathtubs, etc.